Here is the video that I didn't upload before but I compressed it so it fits.

Meatball from Sam Putera on Vimeo.

It was done using C4D, I used the 'worst fight ever glitch version' that I did as a texture fro displacement mapping and as a texture for colour, it Took 3:30hrs to render.
I submitted it for the Lunar night, which I got some feedback from Jack who runs it

"Thought your visuals were awesome man..especially ur more recent one..i really havent a clue how you've done it so im not really sure wat to constructively say about how to technically improve it. I would definately have liked to have seen more in a club environment because they both worked perfectly with any kind of music.

With the more recent one, how did you manage to incorporate faces in there? really cool! maybe if you brought other moving image into it such as motion graphics or organic film, create a whole scenery in which can be part of it could give another dimension to the i say though i really dont know how manageable that would be because it looks really technical what you've done already."

Here is also a little test that I did before this one.

Melt from Sam Putera on Vimeo.

Looking back at this I think I prefer it.

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