Bought type trumps the other day when I was back in Ltown. £10 it was, expensive I thought, but its educational and fun so money well spent.

packaging is a bit rubbish though not well made..

Basically its like regular top trumps but about typography. Each card is designed with their own typeface and using the colours black white and red, and the cool thing is if you choose to use a super power which is a name of someone connected to the type face you have to discuss/argue why that person is better to make you win.

For example this is futura and its special power is Stanley Kubrick. Why? because it his favorite typeface and he used it for his posters and for the titles of 'eyes wide shut' and '2001'. I only know this because I did some research.

Processing monsters


"These monsters are result of my effort to learn Processing and encourage others
to do so by showing the source code. Also, at the end, my plan is to do a short music reactive video
using these monsters. So if you feel like you can make one too and be part of it, rules are simple:

Strictly black and white + mouse reactive."

This is a really good site showcasing some of the basic things you can do with processing, it provides you with the source code, so that you can analyse how it works. Its not as easy as it looks processing is kind of learning a new language to me its quite a steep learning curve but I really want to learn it, but I will just take my time with it.

Favourite processing monster is angry otto!

A want for open source from createdigitalmusic.

"But one thing I can say with confidence: we need alternatives to Apple. Even if you love your iPhone, I think you’ll agree it’d be tragic if other vendors didn’t push the technology forward. And we need alternatives like Google Android that support real open development, release free and open source code, and provide an option to Apple’s deeply proprietary, restrictive development platform. Innovative music software in particular won’t be able to thrive if alternatives are closed or nonexistent."

Will Apple die in the future because they are so restrictive.

Competition children!


All this.

Just to make this.

very simple but I think Im getting the hang of it.

Whats the plan Batman?

After having a very small go at processing, pure data and max msp I have decided to concentrate on one program so I can get the most of it. I think pure data and max are more for audio situations, which i find very interesting but at this moment want to concentrate on the visual, and learn interactive visualization so im concentrating on Processing. And im using this book to teach myself.

Its a useful book im just trying to learn how to make basic shapes at the moment reminds me of being back in school.

Some new programs I am trying to learn.




So far its really hard and there is a lot of things I dont really understand but im just going to teach my self bit by bit.

Here are some things you can do with these programs.


Pure Data.

max msp.