Embrace open source

"Open source is a development method for software that harnesses the power of distributed peer review and transparency of process. The promise of open source is better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, lower cost, and an end to predatory vendor lock-in."

(Open source initiative)

A very interesting article on how the American government are seeing and using open source software.


Someone buy me one please.

The future of viscom is...

C4D cont.

Here's a little character I made in Cinema 4d, I'm getting more confident with using the software. I used the same lighting that I used for the previous image. I want to move on to animating in C4D now.

Japan is the future.

Apparently the technology that we have now was around 5 years ago but our society or culture was not ready for it to be released then, we were not ready for it to become a part of our lives. But the Japanese are a culture that are able to accept these new technologies and therefore have these technologies before the west, is it because they are more open minded? I don't know but they are ahead of the game anyway.

Here is Daito Manabe an artist/programmer.

Music using the face.


Processing life

Nintendo wiimote DJ + DS VJ

INTERACTIVITY. This is the most important word for the future of viscom. I really want to learn processing. And I also really want to do a sonic(audio) project at some point.


I have been trying to teach myself Cinema4D a design tool with a 3d environment, which was used to make films like 'surfs up' the one where the penguins surf. Anyway I have found it quite a hard environment to get around in it takes a bit of practice to know how to use anything. Its a fun program and another creative tool which will be useful. This is the result of a sunday of teaching myself Cinema4D.

Lighting becomes a very important part of a 3d environment, it is necessary to bring the object to life so those lighting inductions were useful for this. Next is to learn how to animate it!

Lessons for $69

Some good questions to ask myself and research into.



introduction to the course

Lesson 1: why promote yourself?

Lesson 2: who are you? self portraits (homework)

Lesson 3: what do you want to do?

Lesson 4: your future workspace

Lesson 5: your course mates (homework results)

stand out from the crowd

Lesson 6: me, me, me - you as a brand

Lesson 7: typography tips

Lesson 8: symbol, logo, icon

Lesson 9: color

Lesson 10: personal stationery (homework)

Lesson 11: designer monographs

Lesson 12: your business card (homework results)

optimising your portfolio

Lesson 13: interview portfolio

Lesson 14: online portfolio

Lesson 15: sending work samples

Lesson 16: CV tips

beyond your portfolio

Lesson 17: the blogsphere

Lesson 18: social networking

Lesson 19: design competitions

Lesson 20: speakers' corner

Lesson 21: exhibition help

Lesson 22: propaganda - don't believe the hype

who do you want to work for

Lesson 23: ethics in design

Lesson 24: how to approach studios

Lesson 25: business etiquette

Lesson 26: what not to do


Lesson 27: from renaissance 'bottega' to internship

Lesson 28: why work for free?


Lesson 29: working freelance

Lesson 30: starting your own business

Very nice animation

New cadburys ad.

I love it now but it will no doubt annoy me in 2 weeks.

Learing somthing new!

I am trying to learn how to do this by using cinema 4d a program where you can control a 3d environment as well as animate. This image here was created with a illustrator vector image. then put in to C4D and then in to photoshop.

I forgot....

Technology erases memory. Thought is mind exercise, but you no longer have to think. You don't have to remember phone numbers, how to spell or correct your own writing. We send erasable e-mails free of any personal touch whatsoever.

Scott Bourne susology magazine.

Some observers believe that we are currently entering a digital dark age. This is a period where every detail of our daily lives is digitally recorded for posterity - only it isn't because things get lost, or we expect that websites and discs that are readable now will be so in the future.

Richard Watson susology magazine.

Touch me.

Touch screen vending machines! death to buttons!

I think this is important.

Another nice piece of musical kit.

bit big though. similar to this as well.

I think this one is more innovative. These are just examples of things that ore going on and they are all interactive maybe viscom will become extinct? maybe it will become touch-smell-taste-hear-see-think-com?


monome 40h kit, soldering LEDs from ტომარაძე on Vimeo.

damn hoss from edison on Vimeo.

dj64 for Monome - by Bitbasic from simon on Vimeo.

This is a completely open source piece of hardware where you can either buy the complete ready made monome or you can buy the parts and solder and build it your self. The internal software comes completely from the monome community so thats you or me or anyone that knows how to program its an amazing thing and I really want one.

Bug labs.

"BUG is a collection of easy-to-use electronic modules that snap together to build any gadget you can imagine. Each BUGmodule represents a specific gadget function (ex: a camera, a keyboard, a video output, etc.). You decide which functions to include and BUG takes care of the rest, letting you try out different combinations quickly and easily. With BUG and the integrated programming environment/online community (BUGnet), anyone can build, program and share innovative devices and applications. We don’t define the final products – you do."

This is the future, where we actually 'own' the technology that we buy where we make what we want, technology in the future will be limitless.

Technolo G

This project is about how technology affects us where it going and how is it going to affect me as a visual communicator in the future. To start this journey it is nessesary to do research and then ask questions and then see if those questions are the right ones to be asking, if it is then go answer them.

my first question is what is going on in technological advancement that could assist or benefit my visual communication?

Aim 1

I will be in 09/10's book.


New year new beginnings and all, last term wasn't that good and thats why i got a 'good' grade. But from now on things need to be different, I have set my self some goals and I will achieve them, there are a lot of things I need and want to do and it will hopefully be noticed in the coming months.