A little something something.

Another man that collects...

Hew Locke

he compiles all these bits of kitch plastic jewelry, toys, fake flowers and other things, to make sculptures.

I like the way you collect.

Danny Treacy

Saw his exhibition at the Photographers Gallery in London, I was really impressed by the eeriness of the life sized photographs. For this particular exhibition he went in to forests, woods and parks and collected pieces of clothing, materials and objects. Then deconstructed them to make these strange costumes/beings and then took pictures of himself wearing what he had found.

Collecting ideas

I found this bad boy on my trip to New York, I really like the aesthetics, the size, the texture, the colours, and theme. Its a book/magazine about The Nike Dunk and its pretty much completely visual.


After the week in NYC, I went to my second home in Malaysia for 6 weeks. While I was there I went to Phuket and Jakarta. Did lots of things but Ill just show some photos. Oh yeah and I would have 9gb worth of pictures but I upgraded to OSXleopard and forgot to backup! so I lost it all except for a few pictures...

Long long time...

Since I have posted anything and there is lots to do and say!

So this summer was pretty good, worked for Unilever twice, one in London and the other in the Big Apple! all expenses paid. I did co-creation on both occasions with Lynx or Axe branch of Unilever. It was really good experience most of all because I know now that I don't want do that as a career option, but I wouldnt mind doing it on the odd occasion. But second of all I absolutly love New York.

Fuck Tumblr!

Just tried to use tumblr, but I realised it was shit so I'm back here.