1st year evaluation

By looking back at my first year of being a viscomer, and by looking back at the projects I have done. I have realized that I want to do everything, from illustration to photography and web design to moving image, I have enjoyed all these areas and still want to learn more. I guess I want to be a jack of all trades, I don’t want to pigeon hole my self of course I want to come to the best of my abilities in these areas, but there is nothing stopping me from combining these areas and finding new visual ways of communication.

The first project was reportage which was strictly illustration, my aim for that project was to speed up my drawing, which I think I accomplished, but I don’t think that I have used the skill much or if at all since.

The second project was love hate technology in which I created a website on my loves and hates of the subject. I enjoyed the website making process although I was not completely satisfied with the end result of my site. I found what I learned very useful and motivating to give web design as an option. I also became interested in moving image from using flash to make animated gifs and buttons.

The third project was Student habits, which I just wasn’t feeling till very late in the project. This is where I wanted to use moving image for my project I wanted to do an animation for the love hate project but I didn’t have enough time so I did a stop frame animation for this brief instead. I did enjoy this and was pleased with the results and I gained a real respect for stop frame animation because it takes a lot of work.

And finally for the last project of the year I created a brand and made clothes but I spoke about that down below and don’t want to repeat myself.

More more more...

Yeondoo Jung is his name and this is a bloody good idea.

'Korean photographer Yeondoo Jung's photo are very cool, but wouldn't be half of what they are without children's imaginations and creativity. His Wonderland series of photos is a blatant rip off. Blatant rip offs of kids' drawings. And they are awesome.'

With a little bit of gold...

Things I learned this year.

. Dreamweaver
. Illustrator
. Photoshop
. Flash
. Finalcut
. Quark
. Indesign
. How to make and bind a book.
. How to use photography lighting.
. How to shoot and edit raw images.
. Stop frame animation takes a looong time.
. How to exhibit work.
. That I like doing everything, not a fan of sculpture though.

Things I would like to learn

. More Photoshop
. More Dreamweaver
. More Finalcut
. More Flash and Flash websites
. How to have a sweet as portfolio
. Probably more but I cant think of it right now.

What What in the...

But for my end of year project I wanted to something that i would enjoy doing for 8 weeks and something that was live. Initially when we first got the brief aaages ago I was set on doing an art event/ club night where there would be performance art with the like of some noise bands and maybe a little exhibition then some shape throwing. But after 3 weeks of easter being in London I realised that i couldn't put on a night and and promote it in 4 weeks. (1) I didn't know any noise bands or performance artists (2) I didn't have a venue, and i didn't want a venue I wanted a dirty dingy basement thats was big enough, but i didn't have that. and (3) I didn't know Leeds well enough to accomplish this yet, it is my first year here. But there is always next time.

Anyway I changed my mind and decided to create my own brand of clothing. Why? Because I made my own t-shirts and I made some for friends and then friends of friends liked what I was doing, so why not do it and make some gash while I'm at it.
I've always been interested in fashion mainly street wear and I check highsnobiety and hypebeast on a regular basis to see whats going on in the world. I make one off designs for anything made out of cotton but generally just jumpers and t-shirts. I hand cut them and press them so it takes a few hours per garment. Its generally based around geometric shapes but now that I have learned how to layer I'm gearing towards doing illustrated images.

The hardest part about creating a brand was coming up with the brand name I came up with names but they were already taken but I finally decided on MITZVAH a hebrew word that means commandment or good deed. It doesn't sound as nice as I would like but it looks good as a logo.


Another amazing artist by the name of Li Wei a photographic artist from China. I just don't know how he does it it cant all be photoshop.....

I would really like to try something like this out, mind blowing.

real fake.

I came across the photographer Sean Teegarden with these amazing images that I know are of real objects and people but they look so unreal.

I really want to try an acomplish this effect. It remindes me of this photograph by Billy&Hells
which was in the Photographic Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery.


I was in awe of this photo and wanted to know how it was created because it was hard to know if it was a digital image or not. But the effect is very similar to Teegarden's. Apparently it is created by messing with the red green and blue properties of the image separately. I tried to do this with one of my raw images.

It didn't turn out exactly like I wanted I ended giving it a more vintage effect. Maybe I need more colours and a nice macro lense to capture more detail. I would like to do this for a series of portraits as another project.

Snappy Schhnap!

Story goes I bought my Camera at the beginning of January, then it got stolen then 4 months later after a lot of back and fourth e-mailing I finally get my lovely canon 400d.

A couple of weeks ago had a photography lighting induction which I found really useful and learned a lot about taking pictures in general and how the camera works.

A few pics from the shoot.