Cult Comics

Went to the Cult Fiction Art and Comics exhibition at Leeds art Gallery, one thing I really liked was the original ink drawings of the David Boring Graphic novel by Daniel Clowes. I have read David Boring and am a fan of Daniel Clowes work so it was interesting to see the actual detail and the brush strokes that you don't get to see in the printed book.

Daily Check

These are a bunch of websites that I look at on a daily basis they basically consist of just music and art, but sometimes I like to check the weather.

FecalFace is a website/blog about the San Fransisco art scene. Contains lots of interviews and lots of art.

Juxtapoz is another site that looks at art movements world wide although it is basically just America and Europe.

Hypediss is the place where you can submit your favorite stories, hype or diss the stories and comment on anything you like.

a really good music news website, updated everyday and offers trustworthy music reviews.

thePrp another music news site if you like the alternative.

KidzbyCollette, Discobelle, Culture Bully, RadioSidekick and Big Stereo are music blogs that I look at to see whats new in music.


The most amazing animation I've ever seen. Done by painting on the wall.
His name is BLU check him out.

My First Post.

This is a pretty cool idea, I guess its easier than writing a diary and I get to share and talk about what I am and what I do.