Finally finished

I finally finished my Reportage book 'Just One Minute'. I am pleased with the outcome it actually looks like a proper book! The ink on the cover is a bit crap thats why it looks rustic, I might print of another copy. Otherwise I am happy with it, I would like to make another book but thicker and maybe bigger.
What did I learn from this project? Well lots, I learned how to use Quark and about how to use typography from a psychological and practical point of view. I also relaxed my drawing technique and also indirectly got better at using Illustrator and Photoshop and learned about the printing process and when and when not to use CMYK or RGB.
Anyway have a butchers for yourself...

Colourful features

An illustration done by scanning a drawing then colouring using Photoshop then adding the opaque bit of colour using Illustrator.

Tekkon Kinkreet

Went to see Tekkon kinkreet a Japanese anime as part of the Leeds film festival last week. The anime is directed by Michael Arias an American who has lived in Japan for years. But it is naturally a Japanese anime as it is in the country's tongue. Initially I thought the animation was a bit lazy because it wasn't as detailed as I expect from most anime films, and I wasn't quite sure if I liked it. But the backdrops were extremely detailed and realistic and created a believable universe in which it was set. After about 10 minutes I realized I became fond of the technique used to animate because it was so expressive which added a uniqueness to the film. The movie was captivating and reminded me of the Miyazaki films which I am a fan of, it was violent but at the same time moving. Would definitely buy it if 1) I wasn't a poor student 2) they actually had it in stock. or if I could find somewhere to download it for free!


The consequence of me learning how to use flash.

Viscom Poster Design

The brief was to design a poster for the end of term Viscom exhibition for the 1st to 3rd years. The only catch was that it could only contain type and only be in black and white because its going to be photocopied. The task was hierarchy based, we had to decide how to present the information based on how important the information is and at the same time make it aesthetically pleasing, not an easy task..

This is one of my final designs, ill upload the other drafts later when I can find them.
For this I created this pixel text using Illustrator, it took me ages I'm halfway doing the 3d text. but it stick with the brief except I changed 'Visual communication' into Viscom, not much harm done. I think it works my eye is drawn to the 'viscom exhibition' first so i know what its about then the next bit of information is who will be exhibiting and then when and where.
Hopefully mine will be the champion and be chosen to be used for the exhibition.

This is one of the drafts I created the type using triangles, but its quite hard to read.

This is also a draft using century gothic font, I thought it was a bit boring i wanted to created my own typeface.

Castle of the new

Went on a trip to Newcastle for the fist time last week, and was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. Don't really like the accent but the place is cool. While I was there I visited the Baltic art gallery, I was an idiot and forgot to bring my camera but I did take some pictures with my phone.

This is some work by Newcastle artist Ant Macari, I really liked the hand drawn line work and the shapes, because at the moment I'm really into geometric shapes and patterns, not sure why but I'll get into that at a later date.

There was some of Yoshimoto Nara's stuff floating about....I love Japan.

...and some Faile.

The Kendell Geers exhibition was really interesting I liked the mirrored typography. The razor wire was tempting to touch.