Viscom Poster Design

The brief was to design a poster for the end of term Viscom exhibition for the 1st to 3rd years. The only catch was that it could only contain type and only be in black and white because its going to be photocopied. The task was hierarchy based, we had to decide how to present the information based on how important the information is and at the same time make it aesthetically pleasing, not an easy task..

This is one of my final designs, ill upload the other drafts later when I can find them.
For this I created this pixel text using Illustrator, it took me ages I'm halfway doing the 3d text. but it stick with the brief except I changed 'Visual communication' into Viscom, not much harm done. I think it works my eye is drawn to the 'viscom exhibition' first so i know what its about then the next bit of information is who will be exhibiting and then when and where.
Hopefully mine will be the champion and be chosen to be used for the exhibition.

This is one of the drafts I created the type using triangles, but its quite hard to read.

This is also a draft using century gothic font, I thought it was a bit boring i wanted to created my own typeface.

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