Tekkon Kinkreet

Went to see Tekkon kinkreet a Japanese anime as part of the Leeds film festival last week. The anime is directed by Michael Arias an American who has lived in Japan for years. But it is naturally a Japanese anime as it is in the country's tongue. Initially I thought the animation was a bit lazy because it wasn't as detailed as I expect from most anime films, and I wasn't quite sure if I liked it. But the backdrops were extremely detailed and realistic and created a believable universe in which it was set. After about 10 minutes I realized I became fond of the technique used to animate because it was so expressive which added a uniqueness to the film. The movie was captivating and reminded me of the Miyazaki films which I am a fan of, it was violent but at the same time moving. Would definitely buy it if 1) I wasn't a poor student 2) they actually had it in stock. or if I could find somewhere to download it for free!

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