Let me just brush the dust off of this blog.

For this project I am creating a brand of clothing that is had made and unique to design. I am in the web group because I would like to make a website to promote my clothing label, and I would like to lean more web based stuff in the process.
The catalyst of me making my own clothes was shoboshobo, a French art collective who do a range of things but i love their t-shirts and amazing jumpers.

I wanted to buy one of these but they cost £120 each but they are all hand made. I liked this because it creates a kind of exclusivity and knowledge that no one else will be wearing the same thing as you. I guess thats why I started to design my own clothes because I hate it when someone else is wearing the same t-shirt as me. Thats why I try not to shop in H&M or Topman, the students clothing playground. The way you order from shoboshobo is by requesting a design and then a size. Their intention is not to mass produce it, thats why I like them not only are their designs crazy as hell but its rare to see them in the flesh.
But as in actual influences I'm going to use shapes and patterns as the designs, I'm inspired by artists such as Maya Hayuk's colourful patterns.

There is also Bjorn Copeland one of the 3 from Black Dice his patterns are more intricate,

I really like his work this is exactly what I'm looking to do although it is very tedious, I'm just hoping to use a heat press instead of an iron!

But for my website I'm looking for a really simple minimal website that is specifically designed to showcase the clothes and maybe a paypal account to sell the stuff. Sites I like are