I sat down last week and started to go through the help files in Max/Msp/Jitter(MMJ)(the only way that you actually teach yourself there are no books or websites that teach you the basics) which are really good, at first they are quite simple but they quickly become quite daunting. MMJ are 3 different programms within a program, it is a graphical interface where you patch up building blocks based on logic and it does what you patch it to do, its amazing.

Max - is the basic framework
Msp - For audio
Jitter - visuals

I read that is is probably best to learn in that successive order so thats how I started. It has taken me a week to get through the Max tutorials, and it is a very practical learning process so far from what I have learned I have made a random number generator that controls the MIDI in logic.

It has made making music a lot more interesting, and I am still going through the tutorials so eventually I can make sound and visuals with unlimited control.

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