Summer time...

Well a lot has happened since I finished my second year, I was shortlisted for the digital category for the Brahm Sh! Awards, went for an interview which was a useful experience because I'm useless at interview situations. It also helped me reflect on my work and realize that most of it is just a learning process and the feedback that I got was that I should just concentrate on a specific area, but I enjoy doing everything. Anyway I didn't win anything. I have yet to get any responses for internships. And I am scared about being bored over the summer as I rejected a holiday in Malaysia to gain some experience over the summer, but I'm still contacting people and hopefully something will come along.

So far I have been to most of the degree shows to look at the competition. And these are some of the best bits.

St Martins fashion and marketing - Best business cards and promotion.

St Martins mens fashion - Good business cards and interesting clothes.

St Martins Graphic Design, Illustraion, advertising. Was Ok, was expecting more, my favorite piece was an accelerometer controlled doll game.

Chelsea Graphic design - Very impressive the overall exhibition had a lot of thought put into it only problem was they only showed the best work, which is a bit harsh considering the amount of money the course costs.

Brighton Graphic and illustraion - I saw the London show they did, by far my favorite show, the space was good and the work was consistent and had a similar style some very strong graphic work.

Camberwell illustration - exhibition poster.

RCA - MA communication design - the experimental design was amazing there were many arduino projects which strengthens my argument that arduino should be taught at art college.

There were probably more but I cant remember right now, I'll put some photos up later of the business cards that I collected. and some links if I can find them.

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