Life in the UK.

Recently I have come across a couple of people that have taken or are taking the Life in the UK test, to gain British citizenship. In order to become a UK citizen you have to pass the 24 question test on subjects like these::

Migration to Britain

Children, family and young people


The regions of Britain

Religion and tolerance

Customs and traditions

How the United Kingdom is governed


Services in and for the home

Money and credit




Travel and transport

Looking for work

Equal rights and discrimination

At work

Working for yourself

Childcare and children at work

And answer them in the time limit of 45 minutes. Once you pass that you have to attend a ceremony where you sing the national anthem and get accepted at a British citizen.

Well I want to take this and create my own test of brithishness a test of what I perceive as British culture being a mixed race person among thousands of others.

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