Brief no.2

I was given a brief to do some designs for t-shirts the brief is quite open all i have to do is use the logo. And they might go in n-dubz new music video doubt it though.

(Why are you doing it? How does it fit with your own sense of development? What is your particular interest in this area?)

HoodTwinz is an up and coming clothing label, that is in need of designs for t-shirts.

(Where does the project fit in the real world?)

The t-shirts will be made with my designs and sold.

(What exactly are you/is somebody else expecting you to do?)

Create t-shirt designs, must use current HoodTwinz logo somewhere on the T-shirt.

Partners/Key Stakeholders:
(Who else has an involvement or interest in what you are doing?)

The person I am designing them for and the people whom will be purchasing the clothes.

(What exactly will you have, or will have happened, at the end of your project?)

I will have produced designs that can be printed on t-shirts.

Measures of success/evaluation strategy:
(How will you know how successful you have been? You can’t evaluate effectively unless you know what your aims were.)

If my designs are good enough to be used for the final product I will have succeeded with the brief. I can further know the success with the number of sales made.

(What do you need to find out to help you deliver the project?)

• Audience
• Current t-shirt designs for streetwear
• What can be printed on to a t-shirt

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