Creative Writing with Charlie Dark

Last Saturday I went to a creative writing workshop, I went with the intention to help me get in the mood for writing my dissertation. The workshop leader was Charlie Dark a dj/musician/poet/writer. It was a 4 hour workshop where we had to write about our favorite place, then refine it, then perform it. It was a creative writing workshop but it kind of became a confidence and networking workshop. I do feel a bit less scared about writing because I always associate writing with school work and essays and exams and I'm not good at it, but the workshop freed me up a bit to be a bit more comfortable. But one of the most important things that came from it was to be confident when presenting your work full stop. He said you have to be confident becuase if you come across badly when presenting your work all that time that went into your work would have gone to waste. He also said that if you want anything done do it yourself, makes sense.

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