Love or Hate Technology

When I first got the brief I was not that excited to make a website and a DVD about my loves and hates of technology, but I didn’t realize how perfect they were together. I learned this from trying to make a website from scratch it was difficult because you are not only limited to the skills that you have in this area, you are limited to other peoples accessibility, for example the web browser that they use, what plug-ins they have or how up to date their computer is. This project was really rewarding for me as I have learned a lot in a month and a bit. I learned how to use software that I have never used before such as Dreamweaver, Final Cut, and DVD pro and got more familiar with Flash, Photoshop and After Effects. These were all things that I wanted to be able to use and be good at, because once you learn the basics you can go and be creative with it. It was useful because it has made me able to go ahead and make my portfolio website and I also want to get in to web design. I think the more versatile I am the better, I can also rely on myself more because I have a better understanding of these programs for example I can make an animation in Flash, edit it in Final Cut and put it on a website, and I have learned this all from one project. One important thing that I did learn was that I found that I enjoyed doing moving image, weather it be animation or film and I would now like to move away from my 2d illustration. I wanted to do a stop frame animation made of paper for my love of audio software, but too many things went wrong. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this, I was maybe going to do it with a camera and take pictures at 25 frames per second but my camera was stolen in the delivery process. So I decided to do it using flash and scan the bits of paper in and animate it, so I made the song and started to animate a little, then the program I made the song with and the song stopped working because I illegally downloaded it, so that put me back to step 0 again. But I do like moving image and I am intending to use it for my new project. I did learn a lot and I am glad of the out come of the experience although technology can be frustrating at times I try to make it work for me rather than me working for it.

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